It´s a walk in the dark,
it´s a talk in the morning

I like being in places I don´t know, I like to be a stranger. Meeting others and be pleased by the strangeness of theother, and also by my own strangeness. I was always thinking this feeling is the engine that drives me, that feeling of not belonging to the ground I am walking on.
And then those encounters happen, in which perhaps the impossible can become possible, taking you to places you have never been, following the dance of the soul. Regaining piece by piece what seemed to be lost. And you didn´t even know it.

The last couple of years I was travelling a lot in India, from the very first second it enchanted me so much that I already had suspected that I will be one of those beings who can not go anywhere else but to India for the rest of their life.

But suddenly those four letters popped up in my mind: P E R U. It took a longer while until I took the decision to see the signs and give into my feeling but finally I booked my flight.
Still at the airport in Madrid, the colours of the gateway signal miraculously blinking L I M A, sitting among the peruvian families looking forward visiting their home, it almost feels the same for me. Home-coming, the third.

Arriving in Lima, stepping out of the airport, the warm, humid air is greeting me like an old friend, the taxi-driver with his contagious smile is generously sharing his love for the city, talking about what to eat and where to have the best food in town. Accidently meeting my peruvian mother right away the next day, guiding me through the city
chaos of highways, avenidas, streetvendors, markets and the ocean always in view. All accompanied by stories of a long lost Lima from half a century ago. This must be the place.

What makes you feel like coming home arriving in a country you have never been before? You don´t really get what´s going on, you just know everything is so alright.

That´s us – a wild combination

Meeting old friends, making new ones. A four hour Pacific Ocean Drive to where the desert hits the ocean, waves coming and going, singing their song to me. That´s the place where new things start. Welcome back. The earth never had a more soothing voice.
A lucky cloud in the sky following the birds in which way the wind blows. At lake Titicaca the sky is so close that you can almost touch it, clouds are kissing the horizon. No beginning, no end. The moon and the stars smiling at me. You are well guided. Flying to Jupiter through the binoculars of someone who likes to wander slowly and for whom the sky is a church.

A little colibri is spending time with me for a while on hikes and busrides. Vast, hugh landscapes on the way to La Paz, a hideaway in Bolivia, just to know a little bit better where the heart beats higher.
The language of the Andes makes me smile with it´s unknown tunes that sound like a familiar poem in my ears. It´s a strong and proud language, full of joy. Even with no words. Strange red plastic-bag-signs show the way to your chicha. Names of villages and mountains like exclamation marks, saying you have the power to be everything you want to be.

Long black braids, colourful dresses with beautiful textures – I am so in love with the women of the Andes. A feeling of complicity, all looking like sisters and grandmothers with their strong faces reminding me that I am a woman too. Sharing the space in front of our noses. Part of one big heart, waiting for us to reside inside of us.

A very thin line between me and my sorroundings, strolling hours and hours through the markets with colourful goods, chatting and laughing. Having my pan con palta and my juice in the morning becomes my ritual.

And it‘s waking my heart up
And it‘s breaking my heart,
But mostly
Taking it over
Like the sun shines gloriously through the sky
- Arthur Russell

Mountains moving me forward and forward. I didn´t know that mountains have a voice. But the bellybutton of the world is a place of wonder. Whispering into my ear: We want you. Just like that. In the middle of talking mountains it´s possible to find something I have been looking for for so long. If you open your heart, we will only fill it with more beauty. My luggage was full of souvenirs when I came back to Berlin, some even a little bit too heavy to carry.
But I know that´s the promise.